These tutorial are by no means the definitive guide to parchment craft, rather they are a step by step explanation of how I achieve certain effects when parching.

Some parchment techniques can look quite complicated when you are viewing the finished result but when broken down into simple steps are not as difficult as they first appear.

The key to parchment in my experience is patience - never rush a pattern or try to look for short cuts to finish a design quickly, you will only be disappointed with the results.

Most of all, practice. You will be amazed at what you can achieve with a few simple tools and a little time and patience.

Shadow Embossing
This is a lovely way to create white work as it does not involve any ink and therefore allows you to create more depth in your design.
When you trace an image in ink it immediately flattens the design and causes it to loose depth.
By tracing the design in pencil and erasing the lines afterwards you can create a more three dimensional effect. This simple tutorial should help you on your way to some beautifully embossed designs all without ink! |View Tutorial|
Hints & Tips
There are many skills involved in creating beautiful parchment pieces. Embossing, perforating, dorsing, cutting, colouring, grid work, - well, you get the idea.

Here are a few hints and tips that might help newcomers to this fascinating craft on their way. Often, techniques can look complicated when viewing a finished piece but with a little know-how you can soon master them to a pleasing level. |View Tutorial|
If your painting techniques aren't quite up to par there's another way to inject colour into your work using Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils. These are a fabulous oil based pencil with very strong leads that don't break easily allowing you to work fine detail.
With five simple steps you can colour most floral designs to a pleasing level. This simple tutorial should help you on your way to injecting colour into your parchment work.
|View Tutorial|
3D Roses
Adding 3D flowers to your parchment projects can add a whole new dimension to the finished piece.
These 3D roses make a beautiful embellishment to cards and gift boxes.
The tutorial gives instructions for white roses but you could use coloured parchment to make them if you wish.
Whatever you choose these pretty little flowers are sure to add something special to your next card. |View Tutorial|

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